3 extended desktops without requisite display groups?

Can ATI Radeon do 3 extended desktops for a total 4 desktop monitors, or even 5 extended desktops for a total of 6 desktop monitors, instead of having to have display groups?

Their suggestions page suggests otherwise.


Display groups always seem to be an obligation for them.

What I'd like to know is, can I have four desktops where I can maximize a browser window and it'll cover only on monitor not all three monitors? And in the case of eyefinity-6 Radeons, can I have six monitors each of them showing one browser instance maximized to each their own particular monitor?
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  1. What I'd like to know is, can I have four desktops where I can maximize a browser window and it'll cover only one monitor not all three monitors?

    correction to above sentence
  2. Yes. if you set your displays to extend it will be seperate screens. Like 3 x 1920x1080. If you set it to eyefinity(AMD) or surround(nvidia) then you will get 1 5760x1080 desktp.

  3. My setup.

    In this example i am watching a movie, playing a game and, watching my gpu stats, with steam buddy list.

    Game is black cause screen shot was taken from windows not from in the dx game.
  4. Sorry but the pictures, they're not showing
  5. Thanks, it seems to be working fine now, just to make sure, you are capable of having four desktops right, even though in your picture you have only three?

    that looks very good indeed, i'm surprised nvidia didnt develop this technology too. is transitioning from inside a game to the desktop as easy as it looks on your setup?

    and which ati gpu are you actually using?
  6. I am actually using 2 Nvidia GTX470s. They are like 3 years old already. Each video card can drive 2 monitors. So I can have a total of 4 independant screens. Each one can have a full screened application. Games always open on the primary screen. To switch from a game to another application I just alt+tab.

    If i set the nvidia manager to "Surround" I can only have 3 screens, but windows treats them like 1 large screen.

    This works exactly the same for both Nvidia and AMD cards. Most modern basic cards can drive 2 monitors, most mid range cards can drive 4 monitors each. The high end AMD cards can run 6.

    Here is an example of 1 AMD card that can run 4 monitors.

    This monster video card can run 6 monitors.

    In short both AMD and Nvidia have cards that can run 4 screens at once. By default the multiple monitors are set to "extand" which means seperate screens. If you full size a program it takes up only the screen it is centered on.
    If you set it to Eyefinity(amd) or Surround(nvidia) all the screens act like 1 giant screen, if you full size a program it stretches across all screens.
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