Stuck on laptop on acquiring network adress

I have a terrible problem since yesterday......this is what happened.....i downloaded and installed the new avg 2012 to clean my computer a was working fine after the scan ..then after about an hour or so suddenly i noticed that my tray icon was showing that my comp is acquiring network adress..

anyway i have an Ordi Enduro AL55 PD Max laptop with windows XP home and service pack 3.

usually when that started happening i just reconnected and everything was fine...i tried for 20 min but still nothing , stuck on the same place. i searched through the net for the possible solutions till 3am and this is the list of stuff i tried.

1. i checked if the passwords on router and comp were the same...they were...i tried changing them both to different ones - didnt work

2. i restarted both routers | cycled them - didnt work
3. uninstalled the wireless adapter and let windows install it again, name was wireless connection 2 - still nothing

4. i ran ip config/all in cmd and i noticed this - it said that ethernet media and wireless media were disconnected---ip , subnet mask, default gateway were
my other pc is connected with wire and i have normal internet there...i can normally connect to the router with my mobile phone too...anyway i tried the other option with my mobile phones portable hotspot through my phone network, when i try connecting with the laptop over that again its the acquiring net. adress

5. i checked if the SSID was enabled on router and it was....on comp i can normally see the network with full signal...DHCP also enabled everywhere

6.tried switching passwords between WEP and WPA2-personal (default was WPA2)---no results

7.tried the restore point in windows from before - no luck
8. when i do ipconfig / renew it says " Wireless connection2: The R PC server is unavailable and also LAN has its media disconnected" i tried connecting the laptop to the router with a cable....weirdly i also got the acquiring network adress..... (like i said my other pc is normally connected)

im not really good at this networking stuff so im affraid to do the factory reset on the routers cause i dunno if i have to set it all up again and enter some data in it or call some maintenance guy...and that takes time and more money spent.......

anyway my conclusion was that the both routers are working normally and the problem is in my computer.....but i dunno how i can check if maybe my wireless card in the laptop is not working- windows control panel says that device is working normally with no conflicts..... would i still get the acquiring network adress if my wireless card died?

please help cause i dunno what to do since i cant even connect the lap to the net with or without the last and final option would be reinstalling the windows but im not so sure it would solve the problem....ah i dunno im going desperate here ...

if someone has any ideas left please help...thank you
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  1. Think there are two initial steps to take:

    1/ use another (borrowed) computer or invite a friend over with their laptop to connect wirelessly to your wifi in order to see whether there is anything wrong from the wifi AP on to the internet. And

    2/ take your laptop to either a friend's wifi or to a public hotspot like at the library and try to connect there.

    This ought to give some idea whether the problem is in your computer, in the Wifi, or somewhere in the specific combination of your laptop and your wifi. If you post the results, then undoubtedly someone who does know will be albe to help you further.
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