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BSOD/Freezing/Crashing/etc - Radeon HD6870

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February 14, 2013 8:24:43 AM

I just built a computer recently and I'm getting these errors;

Freezing in games (various games)
Crashing in games (various again)
BSOD (usually, but not always in games)
Restarted graphics driver recovery message (sometimes in games, sometimes in Windows).

The BSOD message is always "Attempt to restart the display driver and recover from timeout failed" (atikmpag.sys), except for once when it was "The video scheduler has encountered an unexpected fatal error" and once when booting and it was a black screen with scrambled yellow writing (this was right after a Windows update though).

These are the specs:

ASUS Crosshair Formula V

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition (4-core, @3.4GHz) (No OC)

4GB (2x2GB matched pair) OCZ PC3 10666 RAM

2x ASUS/ATI Radeon HD6870 1GB cards (originally running in crossfire - now I'm just running on one of them)

Seagate 1TB Barracuda ST1000DM003 (SATA3/7200/64M)

Corsair VS650 PSU

Windows 7 Professional - 64-bit.


I updated the motherboard BIOS, which cut down the amount of errors. I also flashed the card with the program from the manufacturer's website. I've tried the newest drivers, older drivers and the drivers found on the manufacturer's website. I've tried both cards together and each card separately.

I've reinstalled Windows (and updated) and all the motherboard/GPU drivers.

It may just be coincidence but GPU 2 seems more prone to errors - it's hard to tell though as sometimes I can play without problems and 90 minutes and sometimes it'll crash/BSOD/freeze 2 minutes in. I've also noticed I get graphical artifacts when playing Battlefield 3 on GPU 2, but not on GPU 1 oddly. Both cards give the same errors though. I seemed to get errors more often when they were running in crossfire. I've taken the GPUs out and placed them in quite a few times, so I doubt they were seated incorrectly every time.

GPU and CPU temperatures are good. Nothing is overclocked.

Any ideas what may cause it, or what I can do to try solve the problem/get more information?

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February 14, 2013 8:39:58 AM

Faulty ram cause random crashes, bad overclock settings too (however you say that you don't OC your CPU) so i suspect RAM to be part of this or your 2 gpu are dead (mostly impossible) or a motherboard chipset overheating...

PS: I had OCZ ram failed on me and i'll never buy a new ram kit from them... (if they we're still making ram) the only kit that dies on me and i still have a Pentium 66mhz with his original ram that is starting up with windows 95 with a few other computer here (Pentium 3 733 Hynix, Pentium 4 was OCZ now Kingston, Pentium Dual-core Kingston, Core2Quad Kingston, I5-3570k Kingston and I7 3770k G.skill) none of them failed on me and they're all having a lifetime warranty...

***OCZ don't make ram anymore so deduce why...
February 14, 2013 9:43:34 AM

If it's the RAM, would running Memtest check this? Would it (almost) always be the same type of BSOD/crash?

Any idea how I could check if a motherboard chipset is overheating? I've got 6 fans inside the box, there's no dust and GPU/CPU temperatures are fine, so I'm not sure how likely this is.

The RAM actually came with the motherboard, processor, GPUs and CPU cooler as part of a bundle. Not what I would've chosen, admittedly. I also noticed that the CPU cooler is touching the top of the RAM - would that affect it?

EDIT: Ran Windows Memory Diagnostic (Extended) overnight. 4 passes without a problem found.