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i am looking at this card

as i understand it is a good card. anyhow that is not why i am here.

i am having trouble understanding these display connectors.

okay i know what HDMI and DVI is. and can only guess DisplayPort is an older method.

now what i amt trying to do is understand these ports and the card i am about to buy a little better so i can better choose the wires and/or converter adapters i will need.

so my primary question here is... which of these ports is considered the default primary display?

then i want to know the difference between the two DVI ports on there.

one has the cross and the holes in each corner. while the other one just has a dash like hole. what is the difference between these two?
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    One is a DVI-I (the one with the cross and extra 4 holes) and one is a DVI-D. DVI-I supports analogue (VGA/D-sub) cables through the use of adapter while DVI-D won't. All 4 ports are primary. The different of ports is to add more compatibility as well as for multi-monitors.

    You can use any ports you want for your monitor.
  2. awesome deal. thank you very much. very helpful response. you just saved me 27$ :)
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