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Own a gtx560ti should i purchase a gtx660ti or wait for gtx700 series?

guys i want a good suggestion ,so i hope you guys will really help me.the problem is that i got a gtx 560ti and i only play resolution is 1366x768.i want to play crysis 3 ,gta 5 on high settings.and other upcoming 2013 demanding as the title says should i buy a gtx660ti or wait till gtx700 series comes out? and my budget does not allow me to get a card above a gtx660ti price tag . plz help me.i shall be really thankfull .

my pc specs are:
core i5 2500k
kingston 8 gb ram
intel motherboard dh67cl.
xigmatech 600watt psu 80 plus
gtx 560ti@stock speed.

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  1. 560ti should still do well at that resolution even with newer games.
    I would hold out for the next series
  2. 1366x768?? I'd wait.
  3. I agree, maybe get a new monitor first? Or save and get a new card when the new ones come out and a new monitor at the same time.
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    You shouldn't have any issues at that resolution. Your setup is very similar to mine, and I can play games like FarCry 3, MWO and Skyrim on high at 1080p...and that's with a second monitor attached to the GPU for TS3 etc. I'd definitely recommend waiting...if you find yourself having to go to medium, then upgrade then.

    In the meantime, if you have the funds, put it towards a 1080p monitor. A 560Ti won't struggle with it.
  5. thanks all of you.i will wait for gtx700 series.and yes save to get a 1080p monitor also.
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  7. I just bought yesterday a MSI gtx 670 replacing my gtx 460. What lead me to buy 600 series is that there are rumours that the 700s are only coming on Q4 of 2013. We also know that the new Maxwell GPUs are coming in 2014 with huge performance boosts. Personnaly i chose 600 series bacause they are powerfull enough to run games on high graphics until the new Maxwell cards come on and i doubt the 700 series will have that much of a boost compared with the 600 series and well the 700 i think will just be a renaming of the 600 cards to justify a price boost.
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