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I have recently been attacked by a trojan virus and my OS is windows 7 64bit home premium so far right now seems all good no explorer.exe programs that taken over the task manager. My problem is that when i right click on the desk top and click screen resolution i get the error windows cannot find" make sure you type the name correctly. i know that the file is desk.cpl and so for reason seems that explorer.exe does not know the file name to open. and the other problem was that when i go to start a scan for malwarebytes it crash's before it can start scanning. I set the hard drive to a different computer and set it up as a external drive and did a few scan of norton for pass found 8 programs and the rest found none then i did a few scan's back in the system and found nothing i do admit i did you a registry cleaner but did not let it change anything in the registry i just used them to find what files were missing and pull it from a different computer. there are no programs that are using 100% cpu usage. when i go to open desk.cpl in windows folder nothing happens and another problem was that majority of my programs in control panel are gone and i can't click uninstall a program i have to click the other things to get to it. one downside for me not getting this fixed it i let my friend use you windows 7 64bit cd and he forgot to take it out after he was done with it since that same day he had a flight to go back to school. i retrieved the rundll32.exe file from the other 64bit windows 7 pc. so if anyone could help me get the screen resolution fixed and also the control panel fix then thank you.
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