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Hi everyone.
I wanted to ask what is the equivalent for a laptop video card Nvidia GeForce GT650 2GB, in "desktop" video cards terms?
I want to buy a laptop for gaming (don't need high end), but i don't understand anything about laptop GPUs.
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  1. GT 650M performance is close to GT 640 on desktop.
    GT 650M should be enough to play games smoothly at 1366x768 and 1600x900.
    GTX 660M or higher is recommended for playing games at 1920x1080.
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    The mobile GT 650m would be between a desktop GTS 450 and GT 550 Ti.

    A desktop GT 650 graphics cards is a marginally more powerful than the GT 550 Ti. It is also marginally better than a mobile GT 660m.

    If you meant the desktop GT 650 Ti, then the closet mobile nvidia graphics chip would be the GTX 675M.
  3. A GTX680M is roughly somewhere between the GTX660 and GTX660Ti(leaning more towards the 660).

    7970m is roughly similar to a 7850/6970
  4. Thanks.
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  6. This seems to be the right forum for my question. I am in the process of purchasing a new computer. I have no pressing need for mobility but havent had a desktop since 2004. Always had laptops with discrete graphics cards. I am currently deciding between a desktop and lapto both lenovo.

    K430 with 2gb gt 640 or y400 with 2gb gt 650m with the option to add 2nd 650m sli through the ultrabay.

    Both have i7 processors and will be plugged into a 42 inch hdtv as the monitor

    Games I currently play or will be playing in the immediate future.

    Starcraft 2 and expansion heart of the swarm
    Civilization 5
    Simcity when it comes out
    Deus ex
    Borderlands 2

    Any help and advice is appreciated
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