Nvidia equivalent of hd 6670

Hello,i bought an hd 6670 but coz many people say nvidia is best tell me which nvidia card at around 5-6k inr or 100 $ performs like an hd 6670.dont tell me one card give me all the cards that are around the same performance price.
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  1. Nvidia doesn't have much low end offerings that is really good. Radeon HD7750 is around $100 or lower. There is a GTX650 which is around $100 as well but it needs a 6-pin power connector indicating it uses slightly higher power. Not a bad alternative though if you found the GTX650 is cheaper than the 7750. After that, the HD6670 is definitely next best choice. Don't get any cards lower than the 6670 for gaming, you'll most probably be disappointed.
  2. There is no nvidia gpu there.under 8k hd 7750 and 6670 ddr5 rules in gaming.
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