HD 7670 display driver failure

I have a computer with an AMD radeon HD7670. I have BSOD and display drivers somewhat frequently. I read that one of most probable problem is TDR(Timeout detection and recovery). I fixed one issue that might cause this PSU, but it still happens. I tried to find out about my graphics card because I beleive that it is the issue. But, low and behold, my graphics card doesnt seem to exist anywhere. not on the AMD website and not according to many other GPU websites. the only websites where I see mention of it is on passmark and wikipedia. (and on a side note, is it supposed to reach 70C playing games or is it overheating because that also causes TDR or so I hear).
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  1. You have a AMD mobility OEM card. The generic AMD drivers may not work. Have looked at the manufacturers website for drivers?

  2. well that sucks. but I'm considering actually getting a 7770, because installing the mobility hd 7670 software doesnt seem to have made a difference with the 7770 desktop.
  3. what is the name and model of that system you got this card on ?
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