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560 ti vs 660

I recently RMA'D my 560 ti and got it replaced by Cyberpower. It turns out when I got my package back today they had sent me a 660 in return. Did they just send me a better card?

I'm trying to figure out what happened here lol.
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    Yes the GTX660 is much faster than the 560 ti.
  2. I do agree the GTX660 is the stronger of the two cards. Not that a 560Ti is a bad card. And yes they gave you the better card :) You are lucky there sir keep your head low and mouth shut :P
  3. The GTX 660 is about 35% better than the GTX 560Ti - and you get double the VRAM.

    They probably don't make any GTX 560Ti cards anymore and sent you the closest card they currently produce. Just be glad they didn't try to foist a GTX 650Ti on you...
  4. Yea that would of been a douche move.
  5. You got an upgrade, figuratively and literally. Enjoy it.
  6. Yes they upgraded your card, I would be pretty damn happy in your shoes. More VRAM, faster card, and less power draw.

    Pretty good comparison tool from Anadtech, 560 TI vs 660:
  7. You got a better card no doubt about it enjoy it, the Gods of gaming have smiled upon you! It's nice Cyberpower stepped up and did you a solid.
  8. Nice! I was thinking.... I'd better RMA my 660 and maybe they are going to give me 670 or 7950 perhaps.
  9. Haha wishful thinking sir :P sit tight with your free upgrade and as you find yourself needing a new card evaluate it then
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