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What GPU should I get?

I want to be able to support huge amounts of graphical mods on games such as skyrim and be able to see breathtaking views, everyone is telling me to get the 3gb sapphire 7970 instead of the 6gb, but Im not smart exactly when it comes to deciding this, but, would more Memory allow me to support it or is the 3gb just fine?



I want to overload skyrim with graphical mods and I don't want to go cheap on my GPU because I can afford one or the other.
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  1. 6 GB is insane. 3gb is more than enough. You will never practically use all 6 GB so why pay the extra $120?
  2. groundrat said:
    6 GB is insane. 3gb is more than enough. You will never practically use all 6 GB so why pay the extra $120?

    Are you absolutely sure that those high texture mods wont smack the 3gb down? I'm gonna make skyrims graphics look next gen with graphics.
  3. some food for thought...

    you do realize that AMD cards render frames slower than nvidia cards? some call it stuttering or hitching- totally unrelated to xfire problems.

    if you can afford better as you say.......... read this, maybe you won't be in such a big hurry........ nvidia is taking advantage of AMD's announcement of not making the 8000 series as soon as expected
  4. Plus I can keep the 6b running in case until I feel like getting my power supply upgraded and getting a new monitor. I can get 3 more gigs for 100 more, I'm going all out..
  5. 3gb sapphire 7970 is a great card for you
  6. Link to a high end NIVIDA card for no more than $650 please?
  7. Ok, I will go with that or one of those nivida cards.
  8. I just went through some of NVIDIA's Cards, found this..

    or should I go with the 3gb radeon sapphire?
  9. the GTX 680 FTW will own all...
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    Not necessarily. With Skyrim AMD cards typically have the upper hand. Not that they can't play the game however with mods drawing from more ram the 3 gigabyte card is where you will find the sweet spot. The only reason I would get the 6 gigabyte card was if you were going to do a more then 1 display setup so your 3+ displays. If you are just doing one display I would get something like the 7970 ghz Vapor-X from Sapphire and call it a day.
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