Disturbing noises from monitor

hey guys i have Samsung SA950 monitor for about 6 months now. First times when i shut off the monitor, for half hour there was some clicky plastic sounds every 10-15 seconds thats coming from monitor. Now those clicky noises comes when i open the monitor in first 30 mins, and then till i shut it off there s no sounds. Whats the problem here, what should i do?
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  1. hmm you might have bad capacitors in the monitor and it might be dying. You should still be on warranty so if it dies, just send it in
  2. Have you contacted Samsung? It sounds like a heating / cooling issue. As the monitor heats up and cools down some of the plastic is expanding and rubbing against connecting pieces. Eventually something might crack. I'd contact Samsung and RMA the monitor, its probably a manufacturing quality issue.

    I love Samsung monitors. This is a rare issue for them.
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