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Will this boost my performance?

Would going from the 9800 gtx to a 650 ti be worth it? would i not notice any jump in performance? or will it bottleneck this old processor ?

Also got a 600w psu ( it kow it's asked a lot)

and a Q6600 at 2.4 ghz

Gaming on a new samsung monitor but it's only at 1650 x1050, thought it was 1920x 1080 what gives?

Anyway is my 650 ti idea just futile if so any other card ideas would help!

budget at about 150
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    You would yes see an improvement. Your idea is not futile. I would say you are just fine with that solution given your resolution. I would say a GTX660 is as far as I'd go with that CPU but a 650Ti is just fine for what you are doing and what you are spending.
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