Crucial 1333mhz or PNY 1600mhz

I'm not sure which of these to get because i'm not that smart with ram. They're both the exact same price but PNY is 1600mhz.
Crucial 1333mhz
PNY 1600mhz

amd phenom II 955 3.2ghz
asus m4a87td evo
evga gtx 460 superclocked edition
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  1. Always go with a 1600mhz, as long as your MB supports it, most do now a days, buts its always nice to check before ordering. 1333mhz RAM runs at a lower speed
    I'd recommend this RAM though
    Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB
    Spend the extra $8 and double the memory you were going for
    Your motherboard supports up to 16gigs of ram
  2. I have the same RAM. I just checked your motherboard's memory support list and PNY is not listed. The PNY RAM will most likely run at 1333MHz. I believe the Crucials are supported, so I would go with them. Check your motherboard's memory support list just in case though.
  3. I have one more question, is 4gb vs. 8gb gonna make at least 5 fps difference ingame, if any at all?
  4. Overall make your system run better. If your playing a game, 8gigs will be able to be able to split up better between the game and OS, say 50/50 for example. 4gigs to OS, 4 gigs to game. With 4 gigs, 50/50 would be 2gigs each. that's just an example. Don't expect it to split evenly.
  5. In a few games you might notice a performance increase with 8 GB vs 4. Load times and desktop usage will also be sped up, as your system will have to swap less.
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