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GTX 660TI SLI-Lag issues BF3

February 14, 2013 9:08:57 PM

So uh, I recently got two GTX 660TI's. It was a real steal, $250 each, and I sold my GTX 680 for $450. Although it was kind of a sideways move, I only had a net loss of about $50. So it was pretty worth it imo.

But uh, in BF3, I keep getting random lag drops to 40 fps?... EVEN ON LOW. Low, Medium, High, Ultra, I get the same goddam FPS drops. So I have no clue what's going on.. And SLI IS enabled in the Nvidia control panel. So I'm really not sure what's going on.. I even changed the advanced setting in the panel, such as power management mode on "prefer maximum performance" and texture filtering - quality to "high performance". No difference.. Adaptive V-Sync is also on. I'm really not sure what the hell is going on.

No other games/programs are having this issue though. For example, I compared my results in 3Dmark from when I had my 680 to my two 660TI's, and the scores went up a fair bit (about 1.5x). And all the other games I have aren't as demanding, so no real way to tell if anything is really being affected there (although no FPS drops in those at max though, but mostly COD type games).

Any suggestions? Would re-installing help? (Don't wanna use up like 30GB of Bandwith to re-install if I don't have too)