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Hey guys! let's get right down to business!
one of my friends recently bought a Sony VAIO laptop, and actually i don't know what model it is,
and the problem is the when we start the PC it says "Bootmgr is missing" and the bad news is that he doesn't have any restore points so that we could restore the windows again. so, if there is any suggestion about this problem, let me know please, because he is in need of his PC.
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  1. Hi :)

    With no discs he needs to use the built in recovery partition...

    All the best Brett :)
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    If the Vaio is new it probably has a version of Windows 7

    There will be a label on the PC telling you what model the Vaio is
    (Sony Vaio's often have 2 different model stickers to confuse you)

    It would help if you knew if it was 32bit or 64 bit but most new PC's seem to use 64 bit Windows

    You need to borrow a Windows 7 DVD .
    Then read up (Google) on how to' fix corrupt boot manager windows 7'

    The boot manager is usually located on a small hidden partition before your C: drive

    so a restore point is unlikely to help

    If all else fails recover any critical data before re installing from recovery system
    The recovery system can return the Windows to 'as delivered' state

    The user guide telling you how to do this will be on Sony's support site (and probably on your C: drive)

    Mike Barnes
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  4. thanks guys !! :)
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