Hi guys im not used to the forums and could find the appropriate category for this question.
I am planning on building a new rig and getting a few new components for my current build which will be come
my secondary pc. I game on full HD resolutions (1920x1080) playing minecraft all the way to BF3.
I was think if i had my two pc's and two monitors that perhaps when i'm playing by myself i can use both monitors on my new rig and when i have a friend we each have our own screen. I dont want to switch cables all the time. Here's a quick and sucky
diagram to give you and idea.

*monitor* *monitor*

*hdmi in* *hdmi in*
*dvi in*
*budget pc* *main rig*

the hdmi go with eachother however the dvi in is coming from the budget pc's monitor to the main rig.
is this possible and handy? maybe does a program do this?
thanks you to all responses in advance.
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  1. There are KVM and monitor switches that will allow you to switch a monitor between computers with the push of a button. I'm sure if you did a Google search or looked around Amazon you may find one you like.

    Just be sure to have the monitor you're switching between the two computers your secondary, otherwise you may accidentally set it up so that all of your icons and start button are on the side of the screen that goes to your friend! Which will be an easy enough fix with a quick switch of cables. Just some foresight.
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