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Workstation and Gaming machine

February 14, 2013 11:09:49 PM

im new here, and its the first time also im trying to build a new pc and im very confused about few things.
First of all i need a rig for both 3d softwares(modeling, rendering etc) and games.
I'm thinking of an MSI x79A gd65
intel core i7 3930k 3.2ghz
Corsair DDR3 32 or 64 gb RAM at 1866mhz
and a quadro 4000 or gtx 690

Im using 3ds max, mudbox, photoshop, premiere and after effects
And i want to play games in full hd 1080p like BF3, GTA 4 and call of duty
Im gonna use a triple monitor setup with 3 x assus VG278H.

From what i found serfing on the net and reading varius forums, for the past 2 months, quadro is a terrible choise for gaming and gtx for rendering, bacause they are designed for deferent things.
So, i have many questions
Is there any solution of using a single card for both 3d rendering and gaming and having max performance? or could i use both cards(gtx 690 connected at the main screen, and quadro for sides?)
Is 64 gb of ram too much? (motherboard supports 128, and some workstations ive checked had options for 256 or 512 gb ram, im not a professional, but i suppose 64gb would be good)
What about assus VG278H? is it a good choise for 3monitor setup? i choosed it for the 3d vision 2 glasses and the lightboost performance.

My budget is over 4-5k
and the other components are:
1x samsung 840pro series 256gb SSD
2x western digital 1TB HDD in raid 0

excuse me the bad use of language
and Thanks in advance for any help!