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Question 1 :

Hi, yesterday i just buy a new GPU and i so happy =)..

There is Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor X Ghz Edition.

My LCD monitor only have VGA plug and My GPU only have DVI, if i connect both, will it work like normally ? or it will give more improvement then before like VGA to VGA ??

Question 2 :

What is diffrent between HD 7770 Vapor X and Flex version ?

Question 3 :

My Current dekstop pc component is

Processor : A4-3300 2.5Ghz Dual Core ( APU Family Processor ) with HD radeon 6410D Graphics

Ram : Value Ram ( Kingston 1333Mhz 4GB )

PSU : Edvan 450 watt

Monitor : LCD Screen 1600 x 900

*If i put HD 7770 Vapor X run with above spec, it will give us better gaming experience in Optimum Setting ? Will it abit lag ?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english =)

Your CO-operation are very highly appreciated !
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  1. #1: It will work fine with an adapter DVI to VGA

    #2: ?

    #3: Yes, the HD 7770 will out perform the on-die GPU on the A4-3300 by quite a bit. At 1680x1050, the HD 7770 should be fine at max/near max settings in most games. On very demanding games, back off a bit on the settings if you feel the frame rate is suffering. High levels of MSAA is especially demanding on a GPU.
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