Should I buy the HD 7970 or wait?

Should i buy the hd 7970 for 360 dollars right now or wait for the GTX 780? AMD already announced that we won't being seing the next series card til Q4. But have not heard much about the GTX 780.
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  1. It's a long wait. What card do you have now?
  2. GTX 560. (non Ti)
  3. Depends on your patience. However i did not know that 7970's were down around 360. Thats an awesome price, however the 780 would probably be better performance, at least one would hope so.
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    Go for the 7970 if your rocking a 560, you should see a huge performance gain i doubt you'll flinch when the 780 does surface.
  5. With a 560, maybe I would wait unless the frames you are getting now are horrible.

    I was originally going to wait for the 8000 series but I went for a 7950 and I don't regret it.

    The longer you wait the cheaper the cards will get, so it really comes down to how badly you want a new card.
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  7. Just to back up the claim , and thanks for best answer.
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