Is the GTX 660 FTW Signature 2 compatible with my P5QL Pro?

My old GTX 8800 GTS died recently, and I've been running on board graphics since. I've decided that I need my games so I've decided to buy a new card. The GTX 660 FTW Signature 2 looks good but I'm unsure of whether it is compatible with my old motherboard. Also, if I upgrade other components in the future, will this card be up to standards?

Another concern is I have an old Gigabyte GZ-X8 case (I am in need of an upgrade with just about everything) and it appears that the rearr I/O ports are just too small to fit the card. But this concern may just be silly.
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  1. Well, your motherboard will support the card just fine, though you would probably benefit from a more recent processor, but that can wait till a future upgrade. What PSU do you have and how much power does it make, you want to make sure you can power the card first. I think your case will work fine, GPU's are standard additions and Gigabyte knows what they're doing, I doubt it won't fit, if need be you can tamper with the case a bit.
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