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I just upgraded today to the XFX Ultra Overclock 7770, from a GTX275 because I was having weird issues where my computer would go into a boot loop if it was turned off and turned off (wouldn't do this with a simple restart). The upgrade fixed that, so I'm happy I was right about the video card being the issue. BUT I am getting lower frame rates than I expected I would. I am a WoW player, and gettig 35-45fps on High, around 20fps on Ultra. I have an i5-750 for my CPU. I have a few curiousities.

#1-when I have the monitor hooked up using HDMI, I can not see the screen at all, it is discolored with lines all across it. But when I throw a HDMI to DVI adaptor on it and use the DVI port, it's perfect. Does this mean the HDMI port is bad on the video card I JUST bought?

#2-I had sound through my monitor before and now I don't. But I do have it through headphones. And also I was using 1900*1200 resolution before and now the best I can get is 1900*1080. Not a big deal by any means on the resolution, but all this together could I have a faulty card or be doing something wrong, missing something important? I feel like I should have much better frames. My fiance just had a buddy build him a computer, it's about the equivalent of mine, yet he can get 55fps on ULtra in WoW with the regular 7770 and I can only get 20fps on Ultra with the overclock 7770?
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  1. well, first off, DVI does not transport audio.. so theres step one. Check to see if the drivers are properly installed. Also, get MSI afterburner and monitor the GPU usage. If it is not around 99% your GPU is being bottlenecked.
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    Did you update all the drivers and get rid of all the 275's drivers? Sounds like a problem with that more so than the card. Here is what should be downloaded if not already.

    The reason sound isn't working without HDMI; is because HDMI carries sound while if you use DVI (at all) it doesn't. Sound is working through the computer because when you plug in headphones it over rides the screen sound. To fix the sound just get a cable and plug the sound into the motherboard and then the screen.

    The rest my guess is driver related so try that.
  3. The drivers definitely are. I first installed them on the website, then uninstalled when I got the vertical lines. Then I installed from the disk. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, making sure to completely uninstall all gpu drivers each time. Downloading afterburner now to test that out. I feel like a dummy about the DVI, I legitimately did not know that!
  4. I've never used Afterburner before, my GPU usage is usually in the 80-90s but it is jumping around a little, is that normal? I'm kind of worried something may be wrong with my motherboard and/or processor, any possibility of that? I realllllly don't want to have to replace them right now =/
  5. Thanks for the help. I'm thinking it is definitely either my processor or my motherboard and I am not skilled enough to test that beyond what I have today. They are both about 3 years old so I'm just going to replace them looks like. Soooo I guess I'm off to research what to get within my budget :cry:
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