How should I set up my monitor for the best performance

My monitor is a BenQ XL2420T (120hz monitor)

I would like to know the best way to connect it to my computer would be (which cable).

I herd that certain cables restrict the refresh rate to 60hz, or 85hz, (or something like that) so which cable should I use to maximize the response time and refresh rate I don't mind waiting for one to ship.

I have two radeon 7970s in crossfire if that makes a difference.

All help is greatly appreciated :)
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    If there is a dual link DVI port on the monitor (and it should have one), use that. You'll need a dual link DVI cable as well. Otherwise, Display Port should work just fine
  2. i agree, use the cable that came with it. i too have a 120hz, i used (tried) the old one that i was using (lazy), and i could not get it to do 120, so i tried the cable that came with the monitor and no issues ever since
  3. ok thanks so much~!
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