WIN XP compatibility questions...

Is WIN XP (Home) compatible with cable modem and DSL?
Ive heard it isnt.
Is WIN XP (Home) compatible with older versions of QUICK BOOKS PRO?
How can I find WIN XP compatibility without posting here?
Why isnt WIN XP (home) compatible with Norton Antivirus 2001?
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  1. What sources tell you that XP isn't compatible with Cable and DSL modems? They are.

    As for software, you can check for that <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

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  2. WinXP isn't compatable with Norton Antivirus 2001 since symmantic sucks. I tried to go with mcaffee though and they suck even worse.

    Norton Antivirus 2002 is actually really good, so it's worth the upgrade, but I think Symmantic has a lot of nerve to make me update my software after less than a year.

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  3. Not only is Windows XP compatible with cable/DSL modems, it's supports them natively in the OS without any additional software or drivers (provided your modem connects to your PC via ethernet rather than USB. I am also curious to know whom might have told you otherwise.

    You'll have to ask Symantec why Norton 2001 products are not compatible with Windows XP.

    There is also compatibility check software you can download from Microsoft. This will tell you if you need to upgrade the software you have to a new version or just simply reinstall it once XP has been installed.

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  4. XP was DESIGNED for broadband.

    The reason it's not compatible with ANY antivirus software written for a previous OS is because AV software uses very low-level hooks into the filesystem to check things before they are opened. These hooks will change from OS to OS. This is also the same reason why Adaptec easy CD creator 4.00 would crash a windows 2000 box...the hooks were different from NT 4.0.

    You'll find XP to be compatible with more stuff than any previous OS from Micro$oft.
  5. I have been running XP home and love it . It does have it's little problems but is very stable. As for Quick Books Pro, I tried to install an older version of QB pro 5.1 or 5.0 and XP burped and spit it back. I keep one computer with 98 and run my QB pro on it.
    I have thought of using a dual boot but I'm not sure if I can duel boot with XP and Win 98. Bruce
  6. Quote:
    I have thought of using a dual boot but I'm not sure if I can duel boot with XP and Win 98.

    Oh, sure! Just like with Win2K ... not a problem. <A HREF="" target="_new">Multibooting with Windows XP</A>


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