Repeated message. Repeatidly.

My laptop crashed earlier while I was printing a document. After getting up and running again, I have been bombarded with one message that keeps appearing almost 10 minutes each time. It reads;

Interactive Services Detection:
"A program running on this computer is trying to display a message" involving

Message title: Windows Internet Explorer
Program path: C:\Windowszsystem32\IEFRAME.dll

When I view the message it takes me to a blank desktop with an internet explorer window prompting me to fill in a survey on my printer.

Since I have no time or interest in filling this out, what can I do to make Windows shut up on this matter? I have no idea if this is a malware related problem or not since scans are not showing up suspcicuous files.
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  1. I wonder if it's a rootkit? A lot of times, this points to a virus of some sort. I know you ran a scan, but did you reboot with a clean disk? Most virus scanning software allows you to create such a disk so you can boot clean and run the virus scan.
  2. I'm not sure. Though when I figured out about disabling interactive system detection the message stopped reapearing.
  3. How to disable that 'interactive services detection'?
  4. This message is displayed when a windows service tries to interact with your desctop like try to display a window, send a DDE message to another app runing in the windows session, etc. This is not the usual behaviour of windows services. the service you talked about might be a virus/malware. you can go to services.msc and select properties of the service and go to Log On. Deselect 'Allow service to interact with desktop'. This should stop the service from sending messages to the desktop. If this option is enabled again on its own then there is something fishy for sure. so get rid of that service if you didn't install it and don't know what it does.

    Mohammad Vaqqas
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