No crossfire connectors on either card? 7970 and 7950

XFX Double D 7950

Sapphire Dual X 7970

I've never crossfired before but I can't seem to find the crossfire bridge connector on either card.. Can I crossfire without actually using the bridge connector?
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    gravytrain said:
    Can I CFX without actually using the bridge connectors?


    Also, both of those cards have CFX slots just fine.
    Look more carefully (for example, rotate that Sapphire's card in Newegg's "3D picture" mode and you'll see connectors on the "back" side, same goes for that XFX card).
  2. The second to last pic of the xfx shows the connector as two little notches at the top of the card on the very left

    on the sapphire card, if you go to the pic with the back shown you can see the connectors on the top right

    Pretty sure you need them to crossfire
  3. I'm a complete retard, I found it. Thanks bros.
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