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Display driver crashing Help please

February 15, 2013 5:54:48 AM


I am having video driver issues, I am wondering if it is something more.
I have a Dell XPS 420 that has started to crash constantly. It keeps saying the Nvidia driver is resetting. I have downloaded and reinstalled the latest driver for the gpu, a 8600GTS, several times but the video driver continues to crash.

When I use my computer it freezes often, when I open the internet, its freezes and I have to wait until it unfreezes. It takes websites a while to load and the controls freezes.

If I try to download anything from iTunes, the computer blue screens(memory dump) and crashes.
Safari doesnt work, when ever I open it, a microsoft web processes fail box keeps appearing.

I have reintalled Safari and iTunes, I have been using Firefox but that freezes just as badly as Safari.

Flash doesnt work correctly. I have downloaded and installed the latest version serveral times now.

I have opened up the computer and used a air can to dust out the whole inside of the computer, everywhere, serveral times. I keep the cover off so that the insides are getting tons of air.

I have ran anit virus removal programs several times and there is nothing. I use RKill also to constantly check for thing.
I bought a new GTX 560 and installed it and reinstalled the newest drivers for it and the problems persist.

What could this be? Is it a video driver error? Or is the computer dying?

Help please