I JUST bought a lenovo Y500 and it came with two Nvidia Geforce GT 650s that were sli enabled. To test them, I played mass effect 2 and they worked splendidly. Everything looked beautiful and flowed great! Now. The problem. Since the Lenovo Y500 has an ultra bay, you can slide out whatever is in it. Me being the curious fool that I am, I had to see the second graphics card. I pulled it out, took a look and found no problems. UNTIL I PUT IT BACK IN. I tried playing mass effect 2 again (The second time I would play it might I add) and it was SSSSSSSSSSSSSSLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. Im incredibly pissed off because I just got this thing 2 days ago and its already acting up!

Note: In the NVIDIA control panel it says that BOTH cards are plugged in and sli is ENABLED. I have 4gb total video memory with 2gb dedicated to video and 2gb shared. Please help Im really stressing over this and i need a quick answer! Thanks!
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    gt650's cant be SLI's. are you sure you have 2 x 650's?
  2. Yes, they actually can. I resolved the problem though. (I just had to update my driver) I'm using 650M's. The notebook cards.
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