GTX 660 freezing with AA??

Hello, i am posting here, because i think its a graphic card problem.

When i play shift 2, the game freezes (no response, looping audio, if wheel applies turning force - it stays the same) after about 15 minutes, and i get no logs or memory dumps.

my pc is : 2500K oced to 4.3ghz, gigabyte gtx660 windforce OC (no overclocking), 2x4gb kingston hyperx ram, windows 7 x64 on 60gb SSD, game on 1tb WD blue, OCZ ZS series 650W PSU.

Shift 2 is GPU bottlenecked and AA is quite buggy, so many people use Nvidia inspector. If i set AA or FXAA through Nvidia inspector or Nvidia control panel - the game crashes. I ran GPU-Z with logging and it showed, that temp hovers around 68-69 celcius. But i dont believe its temp problem, because i've played with downsampling and i can play 2560x1440 max settings downsampled to 1080p, no AA of course.

I was on 310.90 drivers, now tried beta drivers, no luck.

Please help to solve this, because with freezing i get no logs or memory dumps and i cannot investigate further.
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  1. nvidia inspector settings:

    just maximum prerendered frames changet to 1.
  2. try keeping your 2500k without overclock & see if that's the issue.
  3. akshayghai29785 said:
    try keeping your 2500k without overclock & see if that's the issue.

    well, it proved to be stable in countless situations, i played many 1080p movies with frame interpolation, which uses close to 100pct CPU all the time, no crashes. Temps are around 75 on all cores during this. During gameplay GPU-Z shows 99-100pct GPU usage, so the game is GPU bottlenecked, havent checked CPU usage.
  4. i changed PhysX to CPU only, this let me play two 1hour+ sessions, but later it crashed again, will test more today.
  5. worth checking out hdd,
    go to wd website they have free for download software to test hdd
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