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Hi All

I was doing a job for a client the other day and when I came up against this issue, and was wandering if you all may be able to help


We have a PC running 3 Samsung 1080p displays, the displays/PC works fine, until you load an intensive web page (in this case the virgin media home page). Then this happens:

I have come to the consultation that it is something to do with the graphics card as the fault is triggered by content on a web page, we also used a laptop to test the screen individually and they all worked fine.

The PC is pretty standard:

Windows 7 (32 bit)
Intel Core i7-870, 2.93 GHz
4Gb Kingston RAM
500Gb WD Hard Drive

2x Nvidia NVS 300
Driver: 310.90

I was unable to update to the latest drivers as the client machine had limited admin rights, however I have advised that this was the first port of call, before moving forward.

If anyone has come across this before or know what is causing this, please let me know.

Cheers for you help

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  1. try taking just one of your GPU out then see if its fixed, if not put it back in and try the other, one might be faulty
  2. hmmm... didn't think of that, I'll give it a go.

    Do you think its a hardware issue over a driver issue?

    Cheers for giving it some thought
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