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I recently installed a WD300BB 30GB/7200 disk. Using WD's utilities, I created two partitions on it, both being 15GB. When I used Ghost 2001 to restore an image of my old D drive to the new D drive, it ignored the partitions and dumped the clone to the drive. My partitions are now gone . (Win98SE did see both partitions before the dump.)
Can FDisk or Norton's GDisk32 be used to recreate the partitions? Or should I spring for partition magic?

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  1. Partition magic is the only was I know of to do it WITHOUT killing your data. FDISK will certainly create partitions for you but all data on the drive will be lost!

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  2. Partition Magic will certainly recover the lost space. Not sure if it will recover any data on it though. Best to get it, and check out the help files.

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  3. I would kiss the lost files good bye..... there is a good chance thier gone for good......

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  4. Well if he is using ghost he has the original drive. He could install winblows on the new drive then manually copy important files over to the new drive. Sounds like he was trying to prevent having to reinstall windoze.....

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  5. Cheez, goofball! Read the damn instructions! Since I have Ghost, I created a new image - partition to partition. I then ran FDISK & FORMAT. I then restored the Ghost Image - partition to partition. 40 minutes on 6GB of data, 30 of that being just for Ghost.

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