NEW GPU fan stops intermittently??

Got a new 7970 that sounds like the fan completely stops for about 3-5 seconds every hour or so, sometimes more often, sometimes less. I have a custom profile set in afterburner which runs at basically whatever the temps are, eg 67 degrees = 67% fan speed.

When i check GPU-z it says the RPM drops down massively to around 800rpm, but the fan speed is 35% still, so obviously it is dropping off quite a bit from 67% while playing bf3 to 35% but it sounds like its not running at all, but it might be just dropping it to 35, not sure.

It's not afterburner causing it either, I used the overclock tool that was included with my gpu which is iturbo software for the HiS 7970 which is what i have and it happened more frequently with that. Is my card faulty? Is it just a delay in updating the fan speed that can occur, or should i return it while i still can?
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  1. hmm thats wierd, i would try disabling your fan curve in MSi afterburner then re enabling it and checking the update interval. i would say update/reinstall your graphics card driver as well.

    nice card you have there as well, i want one so bad, want to trade for 2 550s lol
  2. what should the update interval be set to? I only just updated to the 13.2 beta drivers and it was still doing it with 13.1 and with a different program (iturbo) for fan control, so i dont think it can be attributed to afterburner or my current driver. My gut feeling is that it is trying to go back to what its default settings would be without the custom fan curve?? Or the update interval thing sounds possible.

    And if this one sh!ts itself, you have a deal ;)
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