Whats considered too hot for gtx 660?

Just looking to learn a little more about my card or well..GPU's in general (I'm still new to this stuff).

My EVGA GTX 660(non ti/superclocked) frequently gets up to around 80C when playing graphically intensive games, I was wondering if this is a little to hot or if this is normal. I've searched to try and find what "too hot" range is but couldn't.
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  1. I can only speak for myself and my GTX 670, but I've been told and also found a max safe temperature s for most gpus. They've stated a max safe temp of 90ish, but you'd want to stay below 70C to 75C during gaming to prevent bottlenecking.

    I would recommend downloading a gpu monitoring app. I use EVGAs Presicion X, (theres also MSI Afterburner that I know is another favorite) and I set a custom fan curve to ramp up the RPMs to 80% when the temps hit 70C. It keeps the card cool.
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