Gtx 560 ti 1 gb and 2 gb sli

Hello, I would like to know if I can put a GTX 560 TI 1 gb with a GTX 560 ti 2 gb in an sli setup
cpu I5 2500K with antec kuhler h20 620 cooler
mobo evga z68 ftw
mem patriot DDR3 1600 16 gb
psu Antec EarthWatts EA-650
os win 7 ulti
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  1. I believe you can. My understanding is that it will read the entire setup as 1gb of memory due to the smaller card however so you may actually lose some performance over having the single 2gb 560ti.
    You SHOULD but you don't have to. They say you can, but it's not recommended, you can try running CoolBits which makes your graphics cards run at the smaller of the two different memories. Why are you going for SLI? Are you planning on buying another 560 Ti or do you already have one?
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