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Hi all,

I'm just testing around with my new PC and I'm wondering: is 78°C (according to MSI Afterburner) in a game like Crysis 1 with mods normal as peak temp? It seems quite high. I have a XFX 7970 Ghz. My GPU usage is also 99%? That too seems rather high...

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  1. You want GPU usage to be as high as possible, it means your getting all the card has to give. That temperature is pretty high, but you've got a ways to go before its a worry. Ideally it should stay under 80C, so set up a fan profile that allows that.
  2. Ok. In AC: Revelations the temp doesnt go above 58 °C and theusage is at its max 50%. Btw, in both games the fps is very smooth. I also play very heavily modded Skyrim and the fps is also very good. It's a wild guess, but could it be that the high temp in Crysis has to do with the age of the game? Because my GPU is considered to be more or less the best GPU in the market now, so I find the situation a bit strange. Maybe the engine of Crysis doesn't go well with such a new GPU? Just a wild guess though. What do you think?
  3. Different games tax the gpu in different ways. Temps mostly have to do with how much load there is and for how long its loaded up. Crysis 1 is still a demanding game. Your temps are high, but not out of the ordinary. You could increase the fan speed on the gpu or get more airflow for your case.
  4. Ok thanks. I'll try playing with the fan speed a little.
  5. That's because Crysis is a very GPU heavy while Revelations and Skyrim are ported from consoles, which are 2005 hardware. Crysis' engine (Cryengine 2) is graphically superior to whatever Skyrim and Revelations uses.
  6. Oh ok, didn't stand still by that actually :p.
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