I give up, can anyone walk me through getting any 3D content on my TV?

I just got a LG 47LM4600, it is a 47" passive 3d TV. My GPU is a GTX660Ti

I thought getting 3D on it would be easy, I assumed I would enable nVidia 3DTV Play and it would work. I started the 3DTV play trial and it wont even let me enable stereo 3d without nvidias IR emitter. Why do I need an emitter with a passive screen? I'm really lost there.

I here it is possible to emulate this IR Emitter but I really can't get the emulation "software" to do anything. It runs and nothing changes.

Also, my TV has a billion 3D settings. Will I have to go through those if I'm sending it a 3D signal from my computer?

Any advice? 3D isn't the end of the world but I would at least like to check it out :\
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  1. There's an explanation in the 3dtv online manual for why the ir emitter is needed:

    The 3D Vision USB IR emitter does not emit any signals when 3DTV Play is
    active, and is only used to confirm a previous purchase of 3D Vision. When using
    3DTV Play software to connect to a 3D TV, 3D Vision active shutter glasses are not
    used. Instead the 3D TV manufacturer’s 3D glasses are used.

    If that's a problem for you, you can install the iZ3D or Tri-Def 3D driver instead of using nVidia's 3D driver.
  2. Reading through Nvidia 3DTV play, it makes no mention of passive systems. That may mean it may not work with passive 3D at all. 3D Vision, Nvidia's typical 3D system is an emitter system, and 3DTV play is designed to allow systems with out Nvidia's emitter and glasses to still work, and work through HDMI.

    Given that there is no emitter and syncing involved, there is a chance you can get 3D gaming to work by trying out Tridef or IZ3D software, both have trial versions, so you can test it out.

    If that does not work, then I'd say get another TV, one that is supported by 3DTV play.
  3. I wouldn't bother trying the iZ3d software anymore, because I just visited their site and they're discontinuing operations, so you can't buy a license.
  4. MauveCloud said:
    I wouldn't bother trying the iZ3d software anymore, because I just visited their site and they're discontinuing operations, so you can't buy a license.

    I have used Tridef, and have a license, but always heard good things about iZ3d. That is a shame.
  5. 3dTV play doesn't directly support passive 3d, but if the TV can convert from frame-packed to row-interleaved, that should work. The Sceptre E325BV-FHDD from nVidia's list of supported 3d tvs uses passive 3d.
  6. Their compatibility list is full of passive 3D TV's. Also, I really don't think the list is up to date. It only has 2011 LG models, mine is the newer version of the one on the list. From my understanding you can "EDID" them if they don't like the model number.
  7. So the IR emitter isn't used with passive...it just wants me to have it to make sure I bought their bundle?
  8. That TV has another problem. It is HDMI 1.3, from what I've seen in response to inquiries from Nvidia, HDMI 1.4 is required.
  9. nkarasch said:
    So the IR emitter isn't used with passive...it just wants me to have it to make sure I bought their bundle?

    That's what it looks like.
  10. MauveCloud said:
    That's what it looks like.

    I'm not 100% sure on that. The way it is worded, they may only have that requirement for the versions built in with purchases.

    Bundled free with NVIDIA 3D Vision PCs. To activate the software on your PC, you must have the 3D Vision USB IR emitter connected or have a PC with built-in 3D Vision IR emitter. The 3D Vision controller driver must also be installed.
  11. I had gotten the HDMI 1.4 requirement from a person who asked if their 3DTV was supported by Nvidia last week. They sent an inquire to Nvidia, and the responded by saying the list of supported TV's was incomplete, and they got their list from customers who send them an update on TV's that do work. He was also told that in order to work, HDMI 1.4 was required.
  12. 3D Supported Formats (through HDMI)
    720p - Frame Packing(720 60p)
    Top & Bottom, Side by Side
    1080i - Top & Bottom, Size by Side
    1080p - Frame Packing (1080 24p)
    Top & Bottom, Side by Side, Single Frame Sequential

    and a bunch of different refresh rates for each

    And there is no way for my computer to output ANY 3d to this TV? Movies? Games?
  13. PC technology has focused on making sure the user has 60hz. That 720p - frame packing option is the one that PC's would support, but HDMI 1.3 does not support it.

    EDIT: You should look in the user manual on that TV and check to see what version of HDMI it has. Unfortunately it is rarely given online, so I'm not sure what version it uses. I see mention of HDMI 1.3 with it, but by a 3rd party once. Your manual should tell you in the back.

    For now, you should try the Tridef software with it's 14 day trial period. It might just work. You will just have to try and see.
  14. The manual does not say, anywhere. It is really bizarre. It is a 2012 model and the manual says it supports those frame packing modes though. I would assume it supported 1.4 if it weren't for you saying it didn't.
  15. I'm trying that Tridef stuff and 3D Youtube videos and I can't get anything to look right. Hmmm...
  16. Ok, Tridef is pretty sweet. I got that working.
  17. Awesome. Tridef is far more complicated to use, but it does have a couple nice features too. Virtual 3D mode is great for demanding games, as it sort of cheats on the 3D and only requires 1 rendered frame for both eyes, and alters that image for the 2nd eye.
  18. it took me a really long time to sort through the seemingly conflicting information on the ndvidia 3d website. I used NVidia 3d with a vizio 32 in 3d tv. That tv is definitely not on the list of compatible 3d monitors. The vizio I used was passive 3d. I had to pay around forty dollars to NVidia and just download software or something. but it definetly worked. you don't have to buy the ir transmitter. I think some of the information on NVidia's site is outdated, surprisingly. I am pretty sure that if you find their (around) 40 dollar donload, it will work. actually, I just bought the 47lm4600 lg tv and will set it up today. I think it ill work.
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