Maximizing At-Home Bandwidth for Internet Marketing/SEO Software

I currently have a very consumer-level setup of Broadband & WiFi at my home, but I plan on upgrading this significantly to allow me to run IM/SEO software from home when I build my new system (this kind of software requires a LOT of bandwidth to run efficiently, manage proxy connections, and open/maintain connections with several programs at one time). I don't know much about what can be done to improve bandwidth access from home, however. I have been toying with a few ideas, but I'm not sure what the best course of action is...

First of all, I live in New Jersey, USA, so I should have access to high quality ISPs (I currently use Optimum Online at home :??: It's not so great, and I've heard that when a large portion of the local community that also uses the Opt Online infrastructure is online (during peak hours), the bandwidth generally shrinks for each individual to allow the area on the whole to access the web a decent speeds. I've heard this is not the case with Verizon FiOS. So that's the first concern: the ISP.

Going into more detail about the changes I will want to make when potentially switching providers, I need to think about the actual hardware I'll have set up in my home. Currently there's just a simple modem that's connected to a wireless router. Both are fairly old (at least a few years). I'm sure that when I have my new system in place, I'll have it hooked up to a direct ethernet connection, but I still want to have WiFi available around the house for my laptop/mobile devices. The bottom line is that my desktop must receive the maximum allowable bandwidth and the WiFi should take a back seat in terms of bandwidth distribution. Just not sure how to install the modem/router to maintain maximum bandwidth distribution primarily to my desktop.

That brings me to the thought of perhaps getting more than one ethernet line installed in the house... Obviously this means a larger monthly bill from my ISP, but it may allow me to use as close to 100% of the bandwidth on one line that is dedicated to running IM/SEO software and use the other line for all other needs (gaming, browsing, downloading, etc.)

Ultimately, the IM/SEO software will suck up a lot of bandwidth when it's running full steam, but I still would like to have the luxury of normal web access while these processes are running (sometimes they have to run for more than 24 hours on end). Any advice on how to get set up & how much I can expect to pay for parts/installation as well as monthly fees?

* One more note: I don't know much about VPS/VPN, but I understand that it may be wise to purchase access to a VPS, install one of the programs I intend to use for IM/SEO, and run those programs directly from the VPS to maximize the software's access to high bandwidth without having to interfere with my own internet speeds at home. I do have some concerns regarding remote access to these servers, and whether or not information can remain private, as well as whether or not my ability to manage the software while it is running will be hindered.

* ONE MORE note :D : I often use elite/high anon proxies with this software because the software manages many accounts/creates connections with many domains/servers simultaneously. In order to not raise suspicion from search engines and/or social media platforms, I need to maintain my IP address's anonymity behind these proxies. That is also an important factor to consider in this circumstance.

Well that's pretty much it. As you can see I have high demands but not much knowledge of how to meet them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. What type of broadband connection do you have (i.e. DSL, Cable, etc)?

    From what I can tell the direction you should be looking towards is traffic management. which can be implemented several ways. To simplify what you have said, is it correct that you want to have one system use as much bandwidth as possible and whatever is left over is available for any other system you have connected?
  2. I currently have cable at home, just one line that's part of a bundle (TV, Phone, & Internet for a monthly fee). I'm not opposed to upgrading this if it's not too expensive.

    After speaking to some people in person, it seems to me that the best course of action may be to run my internet marketing software (at least the programs that require the most bandwidth) is to install the programs on a dedicated VPS, which would have consistently high bandwidth allocation and would allow me to maintain decent internet speeds at home. I need to do more research about this option, so any information on this topic would be appreciated.

    As for your request for simplification, I guess that is basically correct. But the ideal situation would be one of two things: 1) Consistent bandwidth on two separate lines, one for heavy traffic associated with IM/SEO software, and the other would just serve as the source of bandwidth for other needs, like normal web browsing, downloading, and gaming that would not be limited by high bandwidth usage on the other line OR 2) One source of internet access that has more than enough bandwidth for both running IM/SEO software and still have the ability to carry out other normal tasks at acceptable speeds
  3. Remember that cable speeds are also affected by others on the same cable line (i.e. your neighbours, their neighbours, etc). So as you said, some cable companies limit bandwidth to take that into account (for the most part) and others don't, but either way bandwidth will still likely be affected in high peak times depending on all those things.

    If you want to enjoy full speeds under both criteria then you will need more than one broadband connection. If you are running more than one cable to your home under those circumstances I believe the cable company may start to question whether you are a home user or a business user (which may affect several things - especially cost). Cable and fibre are the two best broadband connections you will get. I don't know what access to fibre you will have and you would likely have to check each provider under any circumstance to find out which has the best bandwidth. I would imagine that no matter what the bandwidth is, the IM/SEO software is likely to hog as much of it as possible on that line.

    A VPS will alleviate all of those issues regarding sharing bandwidth, however you should be sure that the provider allows what you are doing and that your software will run on it fault free before you commit to anything.

    Sorry I can't give you a more firm answer, but hopefully it helps you in the right direction.
  4. thanks for sharing such useful post keep posting such post in coming future
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