Sony Handycam DCR-TRV 265E windows 7

please i need drivers for my sony handycam DCR TRV 265 E FOR WINDOWS 7
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  1. just use the i.LINK (DV in/out) connector to transfer video to your laptop or pc, get yourself a firewire card and transfering video will become a breeze
  2. Thanks for your reply ,but the problem that i didnt find the I LINK anywhere in my country (Egypt)even in Sony official shops>
  3. have you tried looking on ebay or your local computer shops, I'm not sure what the availiability would be in Egypt but I have had no problems in Yemen-Aden sourcing stuff like that from the tech shops.
  4. heres a link to software for your camcorder but I think it for only upto WinXP (may work in Win7 32bit), the easiest way to connect your camcorder would be via the iLink connector:
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