GTX 660 Ti SC 3gb vs. GTX 670 SC 4gb

If I had money to burn I wouldn't even post this and just get GTX 670 SC 4gb, but that little baby is $100 extra over GTX 660Ti SC 3gb which is quite a bump in price, hell I could feed 5 kids in 3rd world country for 6 months with that kind of money. Anyway, I was wondering if the ghetto 192-bit memory interface on GTX 660 Ti is a serious bottleneck or not for extreme gaming, because I surely ain't paying over $300 for a supposedly video card that can't even handle ultimate settings on graphically intensive games. So let me know if that gheto 192-bit thing is just an online community geek-talk exaggeration or a real issue, thanks dudes. (Yeah I won't say ladies, because let's get real here, there are no ladies posting in this forum, haha)
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    The 660 ti SC is a pretty solid performer compared to the 670, it just depends on what games you're into:

    Looking at BF3:,17.html

    Around a 10fps difference translates to a 15-20% performance impovement using the 670, but if you're looking strictly at fps and want to target staying over 30fps, the 660ti SC can do it.

    Now if you look at something like Metro 2033 The Last Refuge:,15.html

    You might end up hitting some pretty choppy spots on the low end of the FPS with the 660 ti SC.

    For the most part the 660 ti sc will give you decent performance. If you have budget for it though, I'd grab the 670. Also, you don't need a 4GB version of the 670 if you don't plan to go with a 3-monitor setup which would require at least another matching 670 4GB at a later date. Shoot for something more like the EVGA GTX 670 2GB (stock clocks):

    This is a great card and would be a good compromise for you.
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  3. So what did you decide?
  4. I'm going with GTX 660 Ti SC 3gb since it already comes with the back-plate which I want, I mean when you put your gpu inside the case all you see will be the back-side you know, I don't want to see ugly naked pcb. 3gb seems like a sweetspot too because I've heard that some games already approach using 2gb of gpu memory. Another reason for 3gb is that I plan on getting 2560x1440 monitor, and use it alongside my current 1920x1080 for dual monitor setup.

    For GTX 670 I would only consider the 4gb version since it comes with the back-plate. If I get the 2gb version and buy the back-plate separate the price difference is only $30 so I was only looking at 4gb one.

    Oh man now that I'm talking about GTX 670 SC 4gtb I want it so bad!!
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