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So I have today received a replacement graphics card from evga after RMAing my GTX660 SC. The old graphics card was shutting down whenever i tried to play games on it. What would usually happen is that the temperatures would reach 85C and then the screen would go blank and the gpu fan would spin up to 100%. After that I would have to restart my computer to get it back to working order.

However as soon as I got the replacement card and put it in my system the exact same problem happened. EVGA tested my last card and confirmed it dead but somehow this new card has the same problem. What other than the graphics card would cause this?

My specs are:
Nvidia geforce 660GTX SC
Intel i5-3470
ASRock H77M
Seasonic M12II
Corsair XMS3 8GB RAM
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  1. Did you overclock you graphics card? If so by how much?
    Also does the card run normally when not playing games?
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