Can I add a standalone graphics card?

My laptop is a Toshiba L875-S7243 with Intel 3000 integrated graphics. I'm well aware that integrated graphics cannot be changed, however, my friend's laptop, while different (it is a Sony Vaio, don't ask me a specific model for I do not know) has both integrated and standalone graphics cards in it. The only thing holding my laptop back right now is my graphics card and thus I ask: Can I add a stand alone graphics card to my laptop? Is there any specific slot I should be looking for to be open? I don't know what other information to give you, but I will give you any info you need to determine if this is feasible. I know that most laptop graphics cards you can purchase are for repairs, but still want to try. I was naive to the limitations of integrated graphics when I'd purchased the laptop unfortunately. Anyway, thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. Based on the specifications of your laptop, the expansion section does not list a graphics card (MXM) slot for a discrete mobile graphics card. No, you cannot add a stand alone graphics card.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Understood, but being overly optimistic here, if I were willing to take the dangerous leap of opening my laptop and looking for the MXM slot, I can look up pictures for reference, but where would I be able to purchase a laptop graphics card?
  3. If it were possible to add a graphics card to your laptop, your included documentation would state so. There would be a section in your manual titles, "Adding Graphics", but if you're that curious to find out, do not open your laptop. Contact your laptop manufacturer and ask them. Opening your laptop likely voids your warranty.

    On the off chance the laptop does accept a mobile graphics card, the only places you'd find a mobile graphics card for sale would be broken laptops of the same model or the laptop manufacturer (which they'd probably require you send in the laptop for them to install the card).

    -Wolf sends
  4. Most of the time its impossible or just not worth it to change the graphics card on the laptop. Gaming laptops usually allow an expansion slot for cards, but I don't think your does.
  5. This is the difference between a desktop and a laptop. A desktop is built to be able to swap parts on but unfortunately laptops' boards have built in graphics cards that are physically soldered and integrated into the mainboard.
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