What GPU to use for FX-8150/i5-2500?

AMD FX-8150
Intel Core i5-2500k

To clarify I am making two builds for various comparison/money reasons so I have been going through a full build for both.

My question is (since I have been out a long time) what would be a couple of good video cards for each CPU?

Also if anyone knows a good SLI or Xfire that will be comparable to a single (price/performance) I would love to look into some of those too.

Thanks ahead of time for the advice/help!
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  1. Single card:
    I'd say a GTX 680 is a good option for either.

    SLI option:
    Two GTX 660 ti's in an SLI configuration give about 5-10% better performance than a single 680.
  2. Thanks for the info I kept seeing the GTX 680 I will go check it out. I see little point in SLI/Xfire for my personal needs just sometimes the price works.

    Again appreciate the info.
  3. If you're going for a high-powered single-card option that is cost effective, the GTX 670 is a great option right now, too.
  4. Well my limit is right about 550 on the GPU. The AMD is more my money saver build.

    But I think the 670 would do fine for my purposes. I don't tend to push my PC to maximum safety limits hah.
  5. Personally I'm not a big fan of SLI and Crossfire it's too much trouble especially now that you can find single cards that perform so well.

    If you want to compare, you could put like one 670 from nvidia in the first system and put a 7950 or 7970 from AMD in the other one. The price and performance are similar for those cards so it would be a good match. Although the i5 CPU is a little better for gaming so I think it should give a slight advantage to the card that will go in that system. But both builds will be pretty high end anyways. If you can put a SSD in both for OS and applications you should have 2 killer machines.
  6. Yeah it's really apples to oranges when the percentiles are not vast in difference. The benchmarks of either across the board will cover my needs and I do not need max setting in every game I run for sure.
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