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Alright so a friend of mine asked me to put together a computer for him for roughly 800 dollars that he can do some HD video editing on. Since he's not making a ton of money and he's been saving for a while i really want to get this right, but I'm alien to the universe of video editing. Research on google has proven to be pretty fruitless because every suggestion i find recommends all the top of the line hardware at 2000 dollars or more. So I'm thinking a nice I5 probably not the 3570k because he's not a tech savvy overclocker type. I wanted to pair this up with a 2 gb GPU I'm thinking something like the XFX 7870 or a geforce 660 or 660 TI (although the price of the 660 TI might be pushing it). My question is in terms of hardware where does most video editing software really work the hardware? Is the rig i'm setting up going to meet his needs? The 800 dollars is strictly for the tower and the OS so I'm shooting for probably a 100 dollar mobo and PSU,case,ram and 1tb HDD will use up what's left of the budget. Suggestions and comments are also greatly appreciated (particularly if in the area of gpus because I'm thinking the 7870 might be a nicer price/performance to the 660 or 660 TI). Thanks.
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    What you may want to ask him directly is what sort of programs do you use to edit? Because with Adobe programs for example a nvidia solution may prove a stronger solution as it can take advantage of cuda computing.
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