Which graphics card is best?

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  1. They are all quality brands, the Sapphire is listed twice on newegg, which might be why it has no views. I think that Sapphire is suppose to be a re-release after they fixed the 7870 black screen hardware issue, not sure though. One plus is that the Sapphire has dual fans so it should run cooler than the others... this would help if you plan on overclocking.
  2. The Sapphire version has a slightly higher core clock. Power Color and XFX have reasonably bad customer service as well. I would go with the Sapphire, but if you can find an MSI, such as this one

    That would be the way to go.
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  4. I would go with the Sapphire. Looks to be the best cooler at the best price. Also, it looks to be an updated version, which would explain there not being any reviews yet.
  5. +1 for djangoringo's tahiti LE. definitely better than all of them
  6. If you are ok with spending just a bit more, the tahiti for sure.
  7. I just loaded the Sapphire 7870 XT Tahiti in my rig and it's a beast!!!!
  8. +1 for the tahiti as well.
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