Help choosing a graphics card to upgrade an Emachine W3052 desktop.

I have an emachine w3052 desktop and its out of warranty so it's not supported anymore and tech support refuses to answer my questions.

I've upgraded the ram to 1.43 gb, but other than that nothing else has been upgraded.

I'd like to upgrade the graphics card, but it is an onboard gfx card. Can I install a new one or would I have to get a new motherboard as well.

If I can buy a new card without replacing the onboard one, which card shall I buy. I won't to make sure I get one that works and won't need an upgraded power source.

Any help or suggestions for a compatible graphics card would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. is this the computer?

    If so, that is too old to bother upgrading the video card. You're going to have to look into a new system.
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    That is a severely outdated machine, your options are incredibly limited as far as upgrades go. This card is probably your best bet if you have room, however I would recommend a new machine.

    Any updated computer will push out better graphics just due to the processor alone.
  3. Thanks for the help guys. I was afraid the age would hamper any upgrading. The main reason I wanted to upgrade the card was that my little nephew could play retrocity rampage when he visits.

    I think I'll just keep it as is until it dies then I'll get a new system. Thanks again for the help.
  4. Well you do run into quite a few issues honestly. You run into your ram issue which will become your bottleneck come adding a new card. Also, your processor is quite dated so that will result in an issue as well. In the end it may be a band aid/quick fix to a larger problem. I feel in the end you would be better off with a new machine.
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