Which gpu would be better?

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  1. why not the EVGA?
  2. I just prefer Msi over EVGA.
  3. Core Clock

    Boost Clock

    And the MSI is overclocked.
  4. alright thank you!
  5. whoa lateley msi has been a horrible company for warrenties and mir's...i dont recommend them...read the newegg reviews.
  6. Your welcome,thanks for joining the forum.
  7. I have PURCHASED 5 MSI gpu's and have never had a bad one yet.
  8. no prob.

    the reason i ask is bc my his radeon 6850 ati died after 1 year of use -.-
  9. not saying ther msi cards are bad...i mean when you do need afterservice on the card msi is terrible
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