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So I am a month or so from completing my build and my biggest problem thus far is choosing a graphics card. I was sold on the 670 4gb then decided to get the 680 4gb. Problem is, is that the 680 is almost 600 bucks compared to the 670 4gb. For the sake of saving money I'm thinking of getting the 670 4gb then in a year when bf4 comes out and arma 3 comes out I can get another 670 and sli them. What are your guys opinions. Will one 670 be enough to max out all games including bf3 arma 2 and others? What are your thoughts?
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  1. On a single 1920x1080 display yes a single GTX670 is able to max out BF3 and Arma. I have a Gigabyte GTX670OC and I'm just fine. I wouldn't spend the extra on the 680 the price to performance is just not there. I would get a 7970 Ghz before I purchased a 680.
  2. Yeah I would be running only one monitor at 1080p. This card is basically to get me a great gaming experience for one year till the new series of NVIDIA. I realize the new series are coming out but like all new technology, I anticipate bugs and high prices.
  3. Yea I would get the 670 if you are going to go with a Nvidia card. The 680 is a poor value in the high end card market. And you don't really gain much by moving up to a 680 anyway.
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