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A good friend of mine was nice enough to give me a graphics card because he said it was not compatible with his rig. I was wondering if it were to be able work on my computer. (I have little to no knowledge on hardware; I am new to all of this.) All I know is that my computer has 1 GB of RAM, a Pentium 4 processor, and an ATI RAGE 128 PRO Ultra GL AGP video card. :( I wish to know if this specific graphics card is compatible with my old computer. (It is a Dell Dimension 4300.)

Here is an online documentation of the computer's specs.
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    unfortunately, that video card is not compatible with your system, the max your system support is marked, 4x agp at 1.5volts, the amd hd 2600 is 8x agp at .08volts, so the slot on the board is notched differently, won't even go in and like i said, won't work..... it's a nice card compared to what you have but unless you changed the motherboard, BTW not worth it, it won't work.
  2. Thanks for the notice. At least I know that I have a spare video card now. :P
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