Games keep crashing quickly, need help quick!

Hey guys so I just got my Radeon HD 7970 in today and installed it. It was running perfectly for about an hour or so, but now like every 10 minutes while I'm playing a game (Battlefield 3, Far Cry 3, etc..) the game ends up freezing and goes to a black screen, and I have to Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Alt+Del to get out of it. I can still hear audio but its like it is playing a loop of some sort. A message pops up in the bottom right say "Display Driver AMD has stopped responding and has recovered". It's getting really annoying

I have tried Re-Installing my drivers through the AMD website but that hasn't done anything. I also monitored my GPU temps while playing and it was at about 55 degress Celsius when it crashed, which I'm pretty sure is just fine.

Here are my specs:

Please help, I need more solutions to try, and if you think I am installing the drivers wrong then perhaps y'all could give me extra instructions on what to do? Thanks!
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  1. All drivers updated to the latest, especially the video card driver? Are you overclocking anything (CPU, RAM, GPU)?
  2. I'm not overclocking anything, my build was just completed today. I had put in everything before but then my video card came to today so I installed that. For the drivers I used driver sweeper in safe mode, then installed with the Catalyst installer on just my normal Windows. I am about to retry again and see if I get any different results.
  3. make sure the mb bios is up to date...could be a heat issue..try running msi afterburner and set a fan profile where the fan come on full speed.
  4. sometimes multiple sound drivers will do this. try disabling or uninstalling the HD HDMI sound driver.
  5. "Display Drivers have stopped responding and has recovered"
    There are tons of explanations for it if you search on google. For me, because I bought an used 7950, I can't return it. But I managed to fix it by underclock it by 50mhz. The guy sold me the card said card is too strong for the app and it's stressing out and sh*t =))
    Anyway, it fixes it and I can still max out any game. But I don't know what will happen in the future when the new games come out or I want to overclock it. But I will test it soon
    Good luck ;)
  6. lessons learned. buy new. you could have rma'ed the card if it wasn't running to spec. now you're stuck with it regardless.
  7. No luck at all yet..I have gone as far as loading up a restore as I didn't have much on my computer, so I loaded up the one after it was finished being built. It wouldn't restore my A: Drive for some reason, though all my drivers were being installed to my C: drive which was the default download location for my ATI Drivers. I really think I am out of options and may have to RMA the card, though I feel like it isn't faulty...any more suggestions?
  8. A drive is the floppy. if you don't run a floppy disable it in BIOS. that will cause some problems also.

    reset cmos. take 2 aspirin. call in the morning.
  9. Here's an update. I was happy with my underclocked card, but this thread urged me to overclock it!
    So the result is that my MSI 7950 stock voltage is too low (0.944v) that it can't even support its own stock clock speed (830MHz). So I pumped it to 1v and it works perfectly (Furmark stress test). Then I even tried to oc to 1125MHz at 1.2v, still perfect.
    So what you should do now is download MSI afterburner. Unlock voltage control in Settings and check how much voltage you're running, clock speed... Then try to increase voltage by 10 or 20 units each time. Post your feedback. Good luck ;)
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