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AMD A6 3670k with dedicated graphics?

Hey guys,

im total noob to this, so i want to ask you guys questons

1) Can i Install a dedicated graphics card (like GTX 550) to my AMD A6 apu?
2)if no , why?
3) if yes, whats the effects?

any answer would be very appreciated.
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  1. If this is a laptop, no, there's simply no place to put it.

    If this is a desktop, *probably* yes, as long as the motherboard has a PCI-Express slot.

    If you can, real games (not browser based farmville types) with potentially be faster and look better.
  2. This is a desktop, but i wonder what side effect will affect my CPU. Yes, my motherboard has a PCI-Express slot
  3. No problem then. And no "side effects" on your CPU, at least nothing negative.
  4. Best answer
    if it low end card u can go and try crossfire setting... (A6 CFX compatible card)

    if it med / high card, it will run solely run by dedicated GPU, no side effect...
    (just remember to move the monitor cable to connect via GPU not the mobo)
  5. Ok guys , thank you, Can i have both integrated and dedicated together? as ive heard those dual card things.... sorry if this is a stupid question
  6. Easy to get his confused. AMD "Dual Graphics" is relatively new, and combines the on-chip graphics of A6, A8, and A10 chips with a *LOW* end discrete graphics card. Officially up to a 6670, unofficially 7670. Only Directx10 and 11 are supported, and only Vista and newer OS. If a more powerful card is used the on-chip graphics are disabled. While Dual Graphics was a nice idea, it is rarely used since most people buy a decent video card which quickly outperforms any Dual Graphics combination.

    Much more common is AMD Crossfire or Nvidia SLI, which uses two dicrete video cards that are virtually identical.
  7. So, If i install dedicated graphic card, The on-chip one Wouldn't run?
  8. EDIT: My mobo is supposed to have pci-e x16 (worldwide spec, it is)
    but when i try to look at cpuid, it shows x0. Why?

  9. I think the cpu-z will only detect it after there a card installed....

    So, If i install dedicated graphic card, The on-chip one Wouldn't run?

    If it Cfx (dual graphic) compatible card it will run together, if not the only one that running is the one the monitor connected (if connected with mobo then the onboard running, likewise if it the card then the card running the onboard off)

    since higher tier/level dedicated card is much more powerfull, onboard graphic (APU) is not needed anymore....

    if it Lower tier (CFX compatible) they will runing together to increase it performance but it will still lose from the high tier dedicated card.... (the only reason is money/budget since low tier cfx capable card is cheap)
  10. OK thanks. Somebody knows the problem at picture?
  11. How to set dedicated gpu as our main graphics?
  12. raihan4 said:
    How to set dedicated gpu as our main graphics?

    by connect the monitor cables to the dedicated gpu...
  13. Thank you very much....... :)
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